Product Summary

The PMX150-P/N-3B5700 is a high rate lithium cell. Applications are (1)military communications; (2)oceanographic buoys and gliders; (3)tracking systems; (4)sensor systems; (5)pipeline inspection gauges; (6)beacons, transponders and receivers; (7)seismic surveying bir.


PMX150-P/N-3B5700 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Open Circuit Voltage (25°C): 3.9 V; (2)Rated Discharge Current: 20 mA; (3)Rated Capacity: 800 mAh; (4)Maximum Continuous Current: 150 mA; (5)Cell Diameter (nominal): 13.7 mm (0.538 in.); (6)Cell Length (nominal): 29.9 mm (1.175 in.); (7)Cell Weight: 8.3 g; (8)Lithium Weight: 0.3 g; (9)Safety Fuse: 4 A link; (10)Self Discharge: 3% per year at 25oC; (11)Operating Temperature: -20°C to +150°C.


PMX150-P/N-3B5700 features: (1)Primary chemistry (non-rechargeable); (2)High rate capability; (3)Advanced spiral-wound technology; (4)Stainless steel container; (5)Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing; (6)Wide operating temperature range as low as -20°C and up to +150°C; (7)Low self discharge rate (3% per year at 25°C); (8)Custom terminations available.