Product Summary

The THD-15N series models provide 15 Watt output power out of a very compact 
shielded metal case that occupies only 1 inch2 of board space. The converters work 
with a high efficiency over the full load range and draw a very low input current at 
no load conditions. All models have a wide 2:1 input voltage range and a precisely 
regulated output voltage. 
Typical applications for these converters are mobile equipment, instrumentation, 
distributed power architectures in communication and industrial electronics and everywhere where space on PCB is critical.


◆ Highest power density in DIP 24 package
◆ Shielded metal case with isolated
◆ Very high efficiency up to 91%
◆ Wide 2:1 input ranges
◆ No minimum load required
◆ Input filter meets EN 55022 class A
without external components
◆ I/O isolation voltage 1500 VDC
◆ Operating temp. range : –40°C to +85°C
◆ Remote On/Off control
◆ Industry standard pinout
◆ 3-year product warranty